Benefits of industrial automation

LEAN The world of today has become increasingly interconnected and consumers have become more aware and pickier in their selection of goods. This is forcing companies and manufacturers to become more productive and deliver better quality products in less time while leaving a smaller footprint behind. And modern industry must adapt. One of the solutions to the industry becoming more efficient, safe and smart is industrial automation, which also happens to come with many other benefits.

Although industrial automation has been around for more than half a century, it is still wildly discussed – in fact now more than ever. We often hear politicians, business executives and economists use it together with concepts such as Industry 4.0, smart industry, digitalization of the industry and the industrial Internet of Things. But what does this phenomenon actually mean? How can we benefit from industrial automation? And do the benefits of industrial automation actually make the industry more efficient, safe and smart? In order to fully understand it, we need to start by breaking it down and learning a bit about its origin. And we’ll start with the terminology itself.

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Supporting the industry of the future

Modern industry of all segments is driven by three parameters. Efficient and flexible production processes, an ergonomic and clean production and an overall concern of sustainability, balancing energy and resources in order not to adversely affect the environment. We have chosen to call these three success factors Lean, Clean & Green.

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